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Hummus with Chipotle Black Beans and Tomato Salsa

4-6 Servings

45 minutes

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Family-owned Shlomo & Doron in Tel Aviv’s Yemenite Quarter is famous for its hummus, both classic and unconventional. The eatery’s Mexican-inspired hummus—complete with black-bean, salsa and tortilla chip toppings—inspired us to make our own version at home. For ease, we use canned chickpeas to make the hummus base, but first we simmer them with a little baking soda, which softens the legumes along with their skins so they break down into a perfectly smooth puree. Processing the chickpeas while warm for a full three minutes also helps achieve the finest, silkiest consistency. The hummus is topped with a black bean puree made subtly smoky and spicy by the addition of chipotle chili in adobo sauce, followed by a fresh tomato salsa and crushed tortilla chips for texture. Serve with warmed flatbread and, if you like, with additional tortilla chips.




Don’t forget to reserve some of the liquid from the chickpeas and black beans before draining. You’ll need 2 cups and 2 tablespoons, respectively. Also, don’t rinse the chickpeas and black beans after draining. The residual liquid gives the purees a smoother, silkier consistency.

45 minutes


  • 3

    15½-ounce cans chickpeas, 2 cups liquid reserved, drained

  • ¼

    teaspoon baking soda


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John M.
July 23, 2023
Hummus with Chipotle Black Beans and Tomato Salsa
Made it for the first time and took it to a Christmas in July party. Almost totally eaten and multiple requests for the recipe. A winner
David G.

It would helpful to know how dried chickpeas and beans could be substituted for canned. Also canned beans are notorious for high sodium content. Any suggestions for substitutes for the canned liquid?

Lynn C.

Hi David -

We did not test this recipe with dried beans but you could easily substitute. For the chickpeas, follow Step 1 from our Israeli Hummus recipe and then pick up the remainder of the recipe here using pre-cooked dried black beans (reserve 2 tablespoons of cooking liquid to add to the food processor). Good luck!

The Milk Street Team

Judith B.

The technique of boiling the chick peas for 20 minutes is wonderful! I've been making my own hummus for a couple of years now and haven't been able to get the chick peas to a point of smoothness that this technique achieves. This takes my own hummus to the next level! (Apparently if you have a $500+ to spend on popular blender, the smoothness will get you there.) The recipe makes a large portion but don't be afraid to freeze portions for later use. I'm the only one in my household who enjoys hummus as a staple, so cook once and freeze smaller portions for later. Thank you!!

Jennifer B.

I used all dry beans. A half cup dry soaked overnight yields a 15.5 oz can; so I soaked 1.5 cups dried and boiled them the next morning for 1.5 hours. Ditto the black beans, I used a half cup dried and boiled for 1.5 the next day. I got really good cooking liquid from them. I get the change up from Mediterranean to Mexican, but I missed the garlic. Next time would probably process a few cloves of garlic with both the chick peas and the black beans. Great dip for good tortilla chips.

Scott P.

This was delicious, the best hummus I've ever had, let alone made. The only quibble with the recipe is the crumbled tortilla chips underneath the salsa. If you have leftovers, they turn soggy.

Andrew B.

Is the quantity of black beans in the ingredient list correct? (1 can?) The amount of black bean purée that the recipe makes relative to the amount of hummus does not seem balanced. (The flavors are magical, though! Love it!) I do agree with Scott P about the soggy chips; we’ve taken to just using the chips as dippers instead of their own layer.

Lynn C.

Hi Andrew -

One can of black beans is the correct amount. The black bean puree and pico de gallo are meant to be a topping to the hummus as opposed to a "chickpea and black bean puree" in which case, you're right, we would want them to be more balanced. Hope that helps explain the recipe better!

The Milk Street Team