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A weekly public television show hosted by Christopher Kimball
Milk Street Television

Milk Street Television

  • Christopher Kimball

    Christopher Kimball is the founder of Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street and the host of Milk Street Television. He is also the host of Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Radio, a weekly public radio show and podcast. He founded Cook’s Magazine in 1980 and served as publisher and editorial director through 1989. In 1993, he relaunched Cook’s Magazine as Cook’s Illustrated and went on to found and host America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country television. Christopher is the author of several books, including “The Cook’s Bible,” “The Dessert Bible,” “The Yellow Farmhouse Cookbook,” “Dear Charlie” and, most recently, “Fannie’s Last Supper.”

  • Bianca Borges

    Bianca Borges, Milk Street Contributing Food Editor and Television Cast Member, has been cooking a long time. The whole thing started when waitressing was traded for rolling out pasta, leading to jobs as prep cook, pastry cook, recipe developer, cooking instructor, print food stylist, then TV food stylist for the newly launched Food Network, where she and the others just figured things out as they went along. It was as Culinary Director for NBC’s Today show that Bianca met Chris Kimball while working on his segments, enjoying their easy rapport while discussing food and cooking. During her 14 years at Today, Bianca worked with some of the most talented chefs and innovators in the food business, Chris among them. Still building on three decades of food, work and travel, Bianca thanks the ways of the universe for bringing her to Milk Street, and for giving her two grown daughters who still text her for cooking advice.

  • Erika Bruce

    Erika Bruce has rolled out more than a few pie doughs with Christopher Kimball during the nearly 20 years she has developed recipes with him. She previously worked as a pastry chef and food stylist and owned a wedding cake operation. She currently resides in Pittsburgh with her husband and two children, who are her sharpest dessert critics.

  • Matthew Card

    Matthew Card is Milk Street’s food editor, resident coffee geek, knife collector and equipment junkie. He has 25-plus years of professional cooking, recipe development, food writing and teaching under his belt. When he’s not in the Milk Street kitchen or on the road hunting for new recipes and ideas, Matthew lives with his family in Canberra, Australia, where he does his best to dodge kangaroos on his bike and learns to love Vegemite.

  • ​Lynn Clark

    Lynn Clark started cooking as an “intern” in her mother’s home kitchen in western Massachusetts. After a career in publishing and consulting, she found herself as an intern again—this time in Christopher Kimball’s kitchen at Cook’s Country magazine while studying at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. She is a former associate editor of Cook’s Country magazine and co-executive chef of the public television series Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen. She is working with Chris again, this time as a cast member of Milk Street Television and Radio. Lynn loves cooking at home in Boston with her husband and her current "intern," her 8-year-old daughter.

  • ​Rayna Jhaveri

    Rayna Jhaveri is a self-taught cook and polymath raised in Bombay, India, by a family of gourmands. Her earliest cooking memory is from when she was 7, separating eggs to surprise her family with soufflé omelettes. She is a musician, voice actor and executive leadership coach for Fortune 500 companies. She also speaks six languages and has a degree in neurobiology from Cornell University. Her writing has appeared in publications internationally including Forbes, CNN, Vogue and Edible Boston.

  • Josh Mamaclay

    Josh Mamaclay has been fascinated by flavor since he first dove into the back of the pantry at 10 years old. His passion for food brought him to Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, where he earned his bachelor's degree in culinary arts and food service management. Since then, Josh has worked in pizza joints, fine dining restaurants, and a chocolate factory. He has developed recipes for meal kit delivery brands like Purple Carrot and TB12. Now, Josh works with home cooks to explore and create memorable culinary experiences in their own kitchens. When he’s not busy cooking, you can find him painstakingly styling and photographing food, singing with his fiancé while strumming his ukulele, or leading intrepid adventurers through a fantasy-filled game of Dungeons & Dragons.

  • ​Catherine Smart

    Catherine Smart has spent the last decade as a freelance writer, food stylist, personal chef and culinary teacher. She’s a frequent contributor to the Boston-based food website The Food Lens and co-founder of Not Just Co., makers of modern pantry staples. At Milk Street, you’ll find her teaching cooking classes and eagerly volunteering to taste test every dessert recipe that comes out of the production kitchen. At home, you’ll find Catherine and her husband chasing around their two sons, black lab puppy and grumpy old cat. Thankfully, they all enjoy her cooking.

  • J.M. Hirsch

    J.M. Hirsch is a James Beard Award-winning food and travel writer and editorial director of Christopher Kimball's Milk Street. He is the former national food editor for The Associated Press and has written four books, including “Shake Strain Done: Craft Cocktails at Home.”


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