When New Orleans chef Alon Shaya is faced with an abundance of leftover herbs, he reaches for the kosher salt.

Shaya specializes in Israeli cooking, which frequently relies on large amounts of fresh herbs. But when there’s just too many to use? The author of the recent cookbook “Shaya” combines them with an equal amount of kosher salt in a food processor to make a fresh, vibrant green herb salt.

At Milk Street, we found we needed a minimum of 1 cup mixed herbs and 1 cup kosher salt for the processor to effectively blend the salt. To our surprise, the flavors of the herb salts intensified as they sat. Store them in the freezer in a wide-mouthed container or zip-close bag.

We tried variations with parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, dill, chives and cilantro. Shaya likes to use tarragon and oregano, too; as he says, “You can mix and match anything.”