Did you know there's a single piece of fabric—yes, frabric—that will completely change your salad-prep game? It's just one of the items from the Milk Street Store that changed the way I cooked this month—I'm also excited about a textured, garlicky powerhouse spread and a new-to-store grill basket.
Everything i bought for my kitchen in may 1
Sling Your Salad
When the testing team gave me the Salad Sling to play with, I was skeptical. A microfiber towel that supposedly works as well as a salad spinner? How good could this thing actually be? But it really works, and my words have been duly eaten.

Made from ultra-absorbent microfiber material, the Salad Sling is designed with four long handles. Load your rinsed and wet greens into the middle, pull the corners together and swing. The centrifugal force pulls moisture outward, away from the leaves, where it’s absorbed by the fibers of the fabric. Whether you’re drying a whole head of lettuce, hearty greens like kale or delicate herbs, it takes all of a few seconds. The triple-layer Salad Sling has a waterproof liner to keep any water droplets from flying around your kitchen. It’s simple. It’s brilliant. It works. And the greatest of boons, it’s machine washable and tucks into a drawer with my other clean kitchen linens.”
Get BBQ-Ready with the Best Grill Basket on the Market

As a reformed vegetarian, I mostly still grill tiny things, like cubed vegetables or pint-sized Gulf shrimp. Enter grill baskets.

Grill baskets are perfect for cooking delicate foods while preventing them from sticking or falling through the grates, but not all baskets are created equal. We tested 10 models, and Proud Grill’s UltraVersatile Grill Basket beat out the competition handily. Two things I love: 1) The perforated, lightweight steel heats up quickly and has a large surface area—it’s a foot wide—so you can spread out your ingredients to truly grill them, rather than merely steam them. 2) Removable dividers allow you to divide the basket into up to five sections, so you can cook multiple foods at once—it’s kind of bonkers how much more efficient that is than cycling veggies or protein through, a few items at a time. Get it before grilling season starts in earnest and use it for vegetables, fish, shrimp, wings or any other smaller item.
Everything i bought for my kitchen in may 2
Everything i bought for my kitchen in may 3
The Dressing Bottle I Can Operate One-Handed

Exclusive to Milk Street, this Japanese-designed dressing bottle makes whipping up a vinaigrette a breeze. Add all of your ingredients, shake to emulsify and you’re ready to go. Even better, the bottle is perfectly sized to live in your refrigerator side door. I love it for meal prep. Just make a batch of something on Sunday and shake all week long.

Not only is the bottle conveniently sized, the lid is engineered for maximum convenience: Opening with a single push, I can use it one-handed while I’m moving between tasks (plus, it has a drip-resistant spout). Beyond salads, I’m also a fan of using the bottle to store seasoned soy sauce, a quick peanut sauce and homemade simple syrup.

Kuze Fuku & Sons Garlic Miso

Before I sampled this miso, I thought it would be like any other pantry item—good, but nothing to write home about. Wrong. Kuze Fuku & Sons’ Garlic Miso Topping is coarse but still spreadable, almost achaar-like in its texture. Its garlicky, sure, but deeply savory from the miso. It’s fantastic for adding a little subtly sweet funk to a dish that needs more umami and a punch of flavor. It’s wonderful in Japanese dishes, but I’m a fan of it in dips, sauces, sandwiches (mixed into aioli!), pasta or as part of a compound butter for finishing roasts. My favorite application is mixed with salted butter and slathered on toast, but you really can’t go wrong.
Everything i bought for my kitchen in may 4
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