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The 2024 Milk Street Father’s Day Gift Guide

The 2024 Milk Street Father’s Day Gift Guide

From top-tier grilling gadgets to sophisticated bar staples, we’ve got the best gifts to help celebrate Dad this Father’s Day.

For the Grill Master

Proud Grill Magnetic Two-Piece BBQ Tool Set

Replace dad’s bulky collection of grill tools with Proud Grill Magnetic Two-Piece BBQ Tool Set. This multitool may look like any other pair of sleek, extra-long grill tongs, but it’s actually a spatula and grill fork in disguise. A magnet keeps the tools connected while they function as tongs—perfect for serving and rotating—but easily pulls apart to reveal a flat spatula for flipping burgers and a sturdy grill fork for picking up grilled chicken. Once you’re done grilling, toss it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning, then stick it to side of your grill for safekeeping.

Proud Grill UltraVersatile Grill Basket

Grill baskets are key when keeping small, delicate foods from falling through or sticking to the grates, so we put 10 grill baskets to the test to find the cream of the crop. Proud Grill’s UltraVersatile Grill Basket beat out the competition thanks to higher perforated walls and dividers, plus a removable, stay-cool handle. The durable yet lightweight stainless steel heats up quickly, and thanks to a large fire-facing surface area, food can spread out and grill instead of steam, Higher sides keep food in the basket when flipping—no fallen ingredients in sight.

For the Knife Enthusiast

Milk Street Butcher Knife Bundle

Meet the knives Dad will reach for when prepping meat, poultry and fish. The Milk Street Cleaver turns a chuck roast into stew meat and splits chicken legs with minimal effort, while the Bunka Knife's chisel-like tip can easily peel the tough silverskin off a pork tenderloin, then slice it into fine cutlets. Both knives are designed with premium German steel blades and ergonomic handles that provide a comfortable grip regardless of hand size.

Turkish Zirh Butcher’s Knife

When traveling in Istanbul, Chris Kimball saw chefs using stunning “zirh” knives to efficiently mince meat and vegetables, so he brought it back to the Milk Street store. This impressive Turkish knife gets even the most annoying jobs done in a flash, thanks to its large, curved blade. Use the 3-inch deep blade, which looks like a saber, by rocking it back and forth through a mound of vegetables, meat or herbs. It’s the perfect addition to dad’s knife collection.

Milk Street Funayuki All-Purpose Prep Knife

Once an essential tool of Japanese fishermen, the funayuki (literally “boat-going knife”) is the original do-it-all knife for fish, meat and vegetables—perfect for those who use one knife for everything.

The 6½-inch long, leaf-shaped blade is tall enough to safely chop through large amounts of ingredients like a cleaver, with a fine tip for precision tasks. The strongly arced blade excels at cutting meats, though it minces and rock-chops vegetables equally well. The curve extends down the length of the blade for cleaner slicing in a compact package.

For the Gadget Guy

Wahei Freiz Stovetop Sandwich Press — Large

The Milk Street-exclusive Wahei Freiz Stovetop Sandwich Press is the better way to make grilled sandwiches—and so much more—at home. A space-saving metal clamshell with no electrical component, simply place your assembled sandwich in one tray, close the other side over it and place the sandwich press over your stove. Your sandwich will evenly brown as both metal plates heat up, crisping on the outside and becoming melty on the inside. If you do want to flip, this won’t make a mess. And we tested it for more than sandwiches: It sears scallops, perfectly cooks chicken thighs, makes the ultimate breakfast sandwich and cheeseburgers and produces crispy salmon.

For the Sweet Tooth

Natsukashiya Japanese Gummies — Set of 3

For the dads who like fruity sweets! Made with real fruit juice from produce grown all over Japan, each of Natsykashiya’s bite-sized jellies are tender and chewy with a crystalline crunch from the fine sugar coating. Unlike other gummies that are artificial, overly sweet and stick to your teeth, the yuzu, white peach and grape flavors in this set of three are sweet but not cloying, so the full brightness of the fresh fruit shines through.

For the Cocktail Connoisseur

Elevated Craft Double Walled Hybrid Cocktail Shaker

Elevated Craft founder Adam Craft spent two years developing a cocktail shaker that solves the home bartender’s most common problems. With double-walled stainless steel and vacuum insulation, this shaker will chill your drink while protecting your hands and keeping condensation to a minimum. Its high-capacity measuring top, with both ounces and milliliters, brings an element of precision to craft cocktails, and the screw-on lid is secured with gaskets to prevent leaks while shaking. A strainer built into the pour spout keeps seeds, ice and muddled bits out of the glass. It holds up to 750 milliliters of liquid (that’s an entire standard bottle of liquor), and the slim design makes it easy to grip and shake.

Blossoms Syrups

Our kitchen team spent months testing brands to find fruit syrups that actually taste like fruit, not artificially-flavored sugar water. The clear winner came from U.K. company Blossoms Syrup, whose syrups are made from pure fruit concentrate that’s never heated to preserve the natural flavor. The sour cherry flavor is sweet and tangy—perfect for cocktail and seltzer lovers alike.

The Bitter Housewife Old Fashioned Aromatic Bitters

For the dads who like cocktails and a little extra flavor, like cardamom, we like these handcrafted bitters from Portland, Oregon, which have a surprising savory element. The husky, minty flavor of cardamom pairs particularly well with spicy bourbon or earthy rum. Use if to make the perfect Old Fashioned or add a new dimension to a Dark and Stormy.

For the Picky One

Milk Street Store Gift Card

Available in amounts from $25 to $200, this digital gift card requires little more than a few clicks to treat dad. Once you purchase a gift card, it will be sent to you via the email address you enter, which means no waiting around for a physical card to come in the mailbox. Simply forward the email to the intended recipient—an instant way to brighten anyone’s day.

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