Deadliest Catch: Bren Smith’s Journey from Knife Fights to Kelp Farming | Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

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Episode 431
October 16, 2020

Deadliest Catch: Bren Smith’s Journey from Knife Fights to Kelp Farming

Deadliest Catch: Bren Smith’s Journey from Knife Fights to Kelp Farming

We go behind the scenes with Bren Smith, who lived the dangerous life of a fisherman on the Bering Sea. He talks about his transformation from chasing big fish on the high seas to growing sustainable sea greens. Plus, Ana Roš shares Slovenian cuisine from the Soča Valley; Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett decode the meaning of edible flower names; and we whip up silky Maple-Whiskey Pudding Cakes.

Questions in this Episode

“I have been working on improving my margarita pizza recipe and I keep running into a problem with the mozzarella cheese. When I pull it out of the oven the cheese looks milky and very unappetizing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

“If you have green onions on hand and a recipe calls for chives, do you ever go out and buy them. I really think the green parts of the green onions fill in nicely and honestly can’t think of a reason to buy chives ever.”

"Recently I was browsing in a specialty food store and bought some pasteurized goat cheese from a local farm to treat myself. The next day I opened the package expecting to find a creamy white goat cheese. Instead it was covered in what I thought was grey mold. I was so disappointed; I threw out the cheese. Later I looked at the packaging and saw that ash was one of the ingredients. So my question is what is the purpose of treating the goat cheese with ash?"

"I rarely have milk in the house; however, I do have buttermilk. Can I use buttermilk as a substitute for milk, and are there any adjustments I should make if I do?"

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