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Dried Cherry–Chocolate Chunk Cookies

24 Cookies

40 minutes plus cooling

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Bourke Street Bakery’s chocolate sour cherry cookies were the inspiration for these fudgey, loaded treats. Dried cherries hydrated in balsamic vinegar punctuate the cookies with bites of tangy, fruity flavor that offsets the richness of the butter, sugar and dark chocolate. If you like, you can substitute dried cranberries for the dried cherries. Either Dutch-processed or natural cocoa powder works, though we think natural cocoa gives the cookies a slightly more intense chocolate flavor.




Don’t add the melted butter and chocolate mixture to the beaten eggs until the mixture has cooled until barely warm to the touch otherwise it will overheat the eggs.

40 minutes

plus cooling


  • 130

    grams (1 cup) all-purpose flour

  • ½

    teaspoon baking soda


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March 17, 2024
Craveable Cookies
My oh my! Be still, my chocolate and cherry loving heart! These are sinfully luscious cookies with just the right balance between the dark mysteries of the chocolate and the natural sweetness of the cherries.
Jennifer L.

Amazing cookies! The dried cherries/balsamic add a surprising tang. Followed the recipe exactly.

Kathryn A.

These are dangerous! My OH does not like tart so I skipped the balsamic and added 2 T of milk. For the first oz of chocolate I used semi-sweet chocolate chips and for the remaining 3 oz I chopped up a bar of Endangered Dark Chocolate Raspberry (in chunks bigger than chocolate chips.) I just cooked one sheet at a time, for 12 minutes each.

Mary Pat A.

I am guessing it is 60% cocoa is that right for the bittersweet chocolate?

Janelle C.

Hi Mary,

Technically, anything above 35% would count as bittersweet.

The Milk Street Team

Andrea J.

Question about measuring. This recipe calls for 1 cup flour (130 grams). I use King Arthur flour and they say 1 cup is 120 grams. How many grams should I use? Thank you.

Janelle C.

Hi Andrea,

Use 130 grams.

The Milk Street Team

margaret K.

Has anyone tried gluten free flour? How did it work? What brand did you use? Thanks!

Sharmila K.

Is there an option to balsamic vinegar? could i just leave it out ?

Janelle C.

You can use 1 tablespoon cider or red wine vinegar plus 1/2 teaspoon sugar to substitute for 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar.

The Milk Street Team

Cheryl W.

I made these with Bob's Red Mill One 4 One and they were great. The texture is a little different, but common for G F.

Sana F.

Wow the cherries soaked in the balsamic was totally unexpected and delicious. The pecan nuts offered a nice contrast to the sweet. They are special cookies indeed, however, I thought they were too sweet so I will cut back the sugar on the next batch.

Sarah L.

I can’t eat pecans, is there a good substitute for the pecans (I cannot eat walnuts either) or could I just leave them out?

Lynn C.

Hi Sarah -

You could try almonds or cashews, if either of those work for your allergies. Otherwise, you can omit the nuts and the cookies should still be fine, although we haven't tested these without nuts. Let us know how it works out!

The Milk Street Team

Conni C.

Hi, If I do have access to real dried sour cherries and don't need to use the dried cherries with balsamic vinegar, what should I use in place of the vinegar or just leave it out? But that could make dry cookies. Thanks in advance.

Lynn C.

Hi Conni - You can follow the recipe as written but substitute 2 tablespoons of water for the balsamic vinegar. Let us know how they turn out with sour cherries!

The Milk Street Team

caren b.

these are the very best chocolate cookie. I must make again and get everyone to try and get their opinions.

Deirdre C.

Delicious and wickedly rich. Unexpected tangy flavor which just made things better.

Barbara S.

I would love more specifics on the type of dried cherries. For example, at Trader Joe's near here, there are a few options, including dried Montmorency cherries which are a more tart cherry. Which type are you using in this recipe? Thanks!

Sue R.

The article mentions using sweet dried cherries, the easiest to find. The balsamic vinegar is used to get a sour flavor. If using sour dried cherries, a comment above says to replace the vinegar with water.

Sarah R.

I brought these to my mother (the self-proclaimed “cookie queen”) and she has been telling everyone that they’re the best cookies she’s ever had. Truly, if cherry and chocolate is your jam, she may be right. They’re much better warm out of the oven than at room temperature.