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Greek Bean and Avocado Salad

6 Servings

20 minutes

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This hearty salad was inspired by one we tasted in Athens. To help the canned beans take on bold flavor, we heat them in the microwave, then toss them with oil, vinegar and aromatics. As they cool, they better absorb the seasonings.



20 minutes


  • 4

    15½-ounce cans cannellini beans, drained and rinsed

  • Kosher salt and ground black pepper

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Alex V.
July 15, 2023
Tired of poorsie bean salad swimming in sugar. Try this. All healthy ingrediets. If you want to add a sweet element try pickling onions with some sugar. Could also char beans and onions a bit. Been exploring bean options for my vegetarian daughter. And yes this is a positive meal towards digestion.
Lisa W.
July 12, 2022
Cannellini and avocado salad.
Quick recipe. I used two cans of beans and a whole small avocado. This is easy and delicious. Suitable for entertaining.
Luba B.
December 27, 2023
The best!
Easy to make and very tasty!
Samantha B.

Delish! Fast and yummy. I would suggest putting the red onion in ice water for a bit to take out the bite, and/or consider soaking the red onion in the vinegar beforehand.

Elaine B.

Delicious! Easy to make and versatile for any meal. We have made it a main entree by adding shredded rotisserie chicken or grilled shrimp.

Jeanne B.

Question: Since you're adding salt to the bean prior to microwaving them, should we be using no-salt beans?

Lynn C.

Hi Jeanne -

Nope! Salted canned beans are what we used for the recipe.

The Milk Street Team

Jean G.

I thought the video had garlic in it also

Lynn C.

Hi Jean -

Nope! No garlic in this one.

The Milk Street Team

Jeannine K.

There was garlic in the video...

Lynn C.

Hi Jeannine -

I think I figured it out. I think you might be referring to a similar recipe, not this one that comes from our cookbook, Cookish. There is a Greek Bean Salad (Fasolia Piaz) that you can find here - - that includes garlic.

The Milk Street Team

Teri K.

So yummy. I used cilantro instead of parsley (my husband hates dill).

Michelle W.

I loved the idea of this salad. But I think I did something wrong. When microwaving the rinsed dried-off beans for 3 minutes, after 2 minutes my beans started exploding. I stopped the microwave to take a peek and they all looked like a dried out, split open mess. Why do we microwave the beans? Does it change the texture? Taste? Plus the liquid was a lot more than the solids and my salad looked like it was swimming in a pool. I let it all sit for a half hour then poured out most of the liquid. The taste was still delicious even though the beans looked like they had been to war.

Lynn C.

Hi Michelle -

Did you salt and cover the beans tightly before microwaving? If they weren't covered, they will dry out. Hot beans will absorb the flavors of the dressing better than room temperature beans. We accounted for this when developing the recipe so if your beans weren't hot and didn't absorb the dressing, there would likely be more leftover than there should be.

The Milk Street Team