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Jerusalem-Style “Mixed-Grill” Chicken

4-6 Servings

35 minutes

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Jerusalem mixed grill, or meorav yerushalmi, is a popular Israeli street food, one that is said to originate in Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda market. The term “mixed” refers to the sundry ingredients that go into the dish—chicken meat, hearts, spleen and liver, along with bits of lamb, plus onions and spices. To re-create a simplified mixed grill at home, we borrowed from chef Daniel Alt’s version at The Barbary and Omri Mcnabb’s take on it at The Palomar, two London restaurants that serve up modern Levantine and Middle Eastern cuisine. We limited the meat to boneless, skinless chicken thighs and seasoned them assertively with select spices. Our “grill” is a nonstick skillet on the stovetop. Amba, a pickled mango condiment, is commonly served with mixed grill to offset the richness of the meat; we, however, quick-pickle sliced red onion to offer a similar acidity and brightness. Nutty, creamy tahini sauce is, of course, a requirement. Serve the chicken with warmed pita.




Don’t stir the chicken-onion mixture too often while cooking; doing so disrupts browning. Intermittent stirring—no more than every 2 to 3 minutes—allows the chicken to develop nice, deep, flavor-building char.

35 minutes


  • ¼

    cup white vinegar

  • ½

    teaspoon white sugar


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Eric F.
June 9, 2023
Fantastic - Easy - & Weekly Staple
Easy recipe with great flavors! Easy to make and has become a weekly food prep staple!
Laura W.
April 25, 2023
Husband’s Favorite
This dish is simple to make and is a nice variety to other chicken recipes. We love the marianated red onions and the tahini sauce. It’s great as leftovers too!
Nicola A.
June 19, 2022
Easy and great
The chicken was quick and the pickled red onions gave a nice contrast.
John C.
August 16, 2023
Good Eats!
Loved the contrasting textures of the onion and the chicken. Don't taste the tahini before making the pita, otherwise you may eat it all and have to start all over.
Emily B.

This was not only extraordinarily quick and easy to make, but was also amazingly full of flavor. My dinner guest wouldn’t stop saying “this is absolutely amazing”. So, kudos once again to Milk Street. This was great. And that tahini sauce? Puts it over the top. Word to the wise - it was great with a side of charred broccolini with tahini yogurt sauce drizzled over it. Thank you!

Linda M.

I made this tonight - it was delicious. (I enjoyed it with the Pita Bread also on Milkstreet.) I will make this again and again! Thanks for the great recipe.

Mark V.

Incredibly easy - and VERY good. I basically halved the recipe and it was a perfect hearty lunch for two. What I found so unique about this one was that it really and truly does taste “grilled” even though I made it on the stove in the dead of winter. And I need to say it one more time - super easy and fast. Well done, Milk Street.

Debi H.

This was wonderful. Definitely a keeper. I would double the pickled red onions next time, I thought that was the defining ingredient in this.
I served it over quinoa with the Milk Street Braised sweet potatoes with orange and olive recipe, which was amazing as well.

Beth R.

Another terrific recipe that was loaded with flavor and quick! I made the Yakhni Afghan soup last week with a similar spice flavor profile but totally different dish due prep. Will make again!

rob f.

This is fantastic. We threw some sambal oelek in the pitas with it for a little more kick. Like the other recipes I’ve tried from Milk Street in the last few weeks, this one will go in the regular rotation. Kid friendly, quick, and full of flavor.

Amy N.

Could I grill the chicken thighs if I kept them whole instead of cooking on the stovetop?

Lynn C.

Hi Amy -

Using bone-in pieces and cooking it on the grill would alter the recipe significantly enough that we wouldn't feel confident offering advice since we haven't tested the recipe with these changes.

The Milk Street Team

Mia L.

Delicious! Made it on the grill in a cast iron pan with the whole boneless/skinless chicken thighs, then cut up after cooking. Served inside homemade pita (Zahav recipe) with cucumber/tomato Israeli salad and the pickled onions and tahini sauce! Mmmm!

Jason J.

As a complete amateur in the kitchen who still doesn't know how to effectively turn a bunch of boneless/skinless chicken thighs into uniform pieces, I still had great success with this. Using the Chinese cleaver Chris K. once recommended, I just went medieval and sloppy on the chicken pieces. Turns out, in the finished dish, you couldn't tell that I wasn't supremely accurate with the chicken trimming and cutting. Regardless of all of that, the spice mixture on the chicken was wonderful. And that tahini sauce - wow! This was my first time making anything with tahini, and the first time I made this dish I followed the recipe to the letter and it was perfect. For some reason though, a month or so later when I made it again, the tahini sauce required at least twice as much lemon and some more water for it to taste right. Does tahini go bad or change flavor/texture over time? I can't explain the difference between the first time and the second. Either way, if any reads this you should probably chalk it up to my own amateur user error, but please do hear me when I say that as even a kitchen neophyte, this dish was full-on amazing.

Tatiana R.

I don't think tahini goes bad so quickly. It should last a while in the fridge. Did you use salt the second time around? I found a small pinch to make a big difference in the flavor.

Ryan O.

We made this with tofu instead of chicken. Followed the recipe exactly the same, just cubed the tofu. AMAZING!!!

Kathleen D.

Just delicious. So easy. My 17-year old son ate so much of it that there was barely any left when his dad got to the table. A definite keeper.

Heather W.

This was easy and delicious. Definitely a keeper.

MIchael H.

This recipe is fantastic. I can't overstate it. A few notes: If you want to make life easier, you can just make the base chicken/onion recipe and save time by using store-bought tzatziki or other accompaniments. Don't get me wrong, the tahini sauce in the recipe is amazing, but for those wanting this to be a Tuesday Night situation, that's what I'd recommend. Also, I served this with the ATK cucumber/parsley salad -- it was a great addition. A side salad works great even in the pita with the chicken/onion mixture! Anyhow -- this is going into our regular rotation!

Jessica G.

Another absolutely fantastic Milk Street recipe! I even ended up using boneless, skinless chicken breasts (I know.) because it was all I had and it was still great! I put the chicken mix, pickled onions, and tahini into a pita with some lettuce and cucumbers. So much flavor and so incredibly easy to make. This is going to be a regular in the recipe rotation!

Elena A.

Absolutely delicious and authentic tasting. I left the boneless thighs whole and grilled on medium for 10 minutes total. I almost left out the pickled and grilled onions, but don't they are easy to make and really add to the dish. I might add a touch of ground cardamom next time. Kids and adults loved the dish.

Donald P.

I let the chicken marinate in the mixture for about one hour. Was very delicious.

Alan H.

This recipe sounds fantastic, bu I have a big problem. I am seriously allergic to all forms of sesame…seeds, oil, and of course tahini and hummus. Does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement ingredient? Maybe chick peas. HELP!

Melissa G.

This was a fast and tasty weeknight meal. Also leftovers are wonderful too.

Robert O.

Could it be cooked on a gas grill?

Lynn C.

Hi Robert -

We haven't tested it on the grill and, as it's written, think it would be hard to do with the small pieces of chicken and onions and the oily coating unless you do it in a cast-iron skillet. It looks like some folks have had success using whole, bone-in chicken thighs, though, so that might be a route to take although it does change the recipe as written somewhat significantly.

The Milk Street Team

Tatiana R.

I used rice vinegar rather than white vinegar, and I didn't mix my own spices - I just used 4 teaspoons of the Balti Curry (the Whole Foods store brand) mix that bought very recently. Served it in whole wheat pocket pita bread. It wasn't my intention to buy whole wheat, but it was what was left at the store on a Sunday night. It actually worked great, so I recommend it. I'm surprised how well the marinated onions worked with the tahini sauce. and the rest of it.

Maria A.

I followed the recipe and it was quite flavorful, simple to prepare and quick. You'd have to go out of your way to mess this one up. Don't forgo the pickled onions.