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Korean Scallion Pancakes (Pajeon)

30 minutes

The combination of all-purpose flour and potato starch gave these pancakes their signature chewy texture. Ice water encouraged them to puff while cooking and produced slightly crisped edges. Reducing the heat after flipping was necessary to prevent the scallions from burning. If you can find gochugaru, sometimes sold as Korean chili powder, use it in place of the red pepper flakes for a sweeter, smokier flavor. If you have them, two spatulas make for easier flipping of the pancake.

For kimchi pancakes: Substitute ⅔ cup sliced napa cabbage kimchi for the scallions and carrots. Squeeze the kimchi gently before adding to remove excess liquid.

For seafood pancakes: Eliminate the carrot and add ½ cup chopped raw shrimp (peeled and deveined) to the batter with the scallions.

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