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Paprika-Caraway Kielbasa Soup

4 Servings

45 minutes

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Sauerkraut, kielbasa and Yukon Gold potatoes simmered in a tomato- and paprika-enriched chicken broth yield a hearty, satisfying one-pot meal. If you don't have hot paprika, substitute 1¼ teaspoons regular paprika plus ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper. Serve with thick slices of buttered rye or pumpernickel bread.




Don’t use canned or jarred sauerkraut. Look for fresh, or “raw,” sauerkraut in the refrigerated aisle, near the refrigerated pickles. Fresh sauerkraut has not been pasteurized, so its flavors are bright and clean.

45 minutes


  • 2

    tablespoons grapeseed or other neutral oil

  • 12

    ounces Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled and cut into 1-inch dice


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char t.
January 19, 2023
added fresh baby kale and few carrots. also sub'ed combo of sweet/smoked paprika instead of the hot. could easily be vegetarian with mushrooms and farro!
Michael C.
November 4, 2022
Everything you need in one bowl. Slavic roots or not, this recipe is classic and delicious. It is pure pleasure to make and eat. Fresh smoked kielbasa, lightly browned in butter in the oven added flavor before entering the soup / stew. No Caraway in my cabinet but Fennel seeds stepped in and nothing was lost... in fact, the fennel added some earthy flavor zip. Served with warm fresh buttered rye bread, alongside iron skillet fried pierogies and onions - topped with dollops of Greek Plain Whole yogurt... well... classic.
Shirley R.
January 28, 2023
Was disappointed with the recipe. It was not the #2 version that you had on the show. Where are the pork ribs and the smoked meat?
Thomas M.
March 16, 2024
Tastes just like something my Slovenian mother would have made years ago. Made it exactly as the recipe called for and wouldn't change a thing!
Carrie G.
February 19, 2024
This is a perfect recipe for cold winter days, or if you need to soothe a head cold. I made it as-written, and it's so full of flavor that I didn't need to add any salt or pepper. I tossed the chopped dill into the pot at the end and served with buttered rye bread. Love it!
Kayla B.

Drained sauerkraut should really translate to "squeezed dry" as adding the drained but still somewhat juicy kraut made this dish too sour. I'd try it again but would really want to keep all that sour out of the pot!


I make a very similar soup with kielbasa and paprika, though using fennel seed instead of caraway. I have always used cabbage and will try the kraut, but those of you who are worried the kraut will not be to your liking, cabbage would be good too. A splash of vinegar at the end brightens this if using cabbage.

Susan B.

I had some 'over krauted' kraut. I rinsed it and used it and it was fantastic. This is a great, spicy soup.

Lisa R A.

Good LORD this was spicy. I like spicy. I like VERY spicy. This was unacceptably spicy. It doesn't seem like a ton of hot paprika, but it blew our faces off. I had to add a 1/4 cup of sour cream to just my 11 year olds bowl so that it would be remotely edible, and it was still too hot. The worst part was that it completely steamrolled the other ingredients. I was concerned about the sourness of the saurkraut...that was an unfounded worry. We couldn't taste the kielbasa, the caraway, or the saurkraut. There was only paprika. Cut it at least by half.