Spicy White Beans with Tahini, Lemon and Parsley

4 Servings

30 minutes

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The Turkish white bean salad called piyaz served as the inspiration for this dish. To make the dressing, we balance the richness of tahini by whisking it with lemon juice and water; the sharp, pungent flavors of thinly sliced shallot and fresh chili punctuate the mildness of the cannellini beans. The best way to lightly crush the coriander and cumin seeds that season the cannellinis is in a mortar with a pestle, though pulsing in a spice grinder works, too. Just make sure not to pulverize the spices to a fine powder. If you’d like to make the dish heartier, garnish with hard-cooked eggs that have been peeled and diced or cut into wedges.




Don’t stir vigorously after adding the beans. Cannellinis are delicate; gentle stirring prevents them from breaking up. Don’t serve the beans chilled; refrigeration causes the dressing to stiffen. If you have leftovers, let stand at room temperature for 10 to 15 minutes before serving.

30 minutes


  • ¼

    cup tahini

  • 3

    tablespoons lemon juice


Jennifer R.

This was so delicious! Definitely a meal prep keeper and good cold too!

Huyen P.

I made this tonight and it was very good. Definitely kick to it. The only thing I would do different is either turn the heat on low when blooming my spices or maybe I let my oil get too hot. I unfortunately burned my spices a bit.