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Triple Crème Cheesecake with Guava Sauce

16 to 20 Servings

1½ hours 30 minutes active, plus cooling

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At Maximo Bistrot, chef Eduardo García’s acclaimed Mexico City restaurant, we tasted an exceptionally delicious guava cheesecake. In addition to standard cream cheese, the cake is made with French triple crème cheese—plus heavy cream and a good dose of eggs—but the light, almost lilting texture belies its richness. Guava sorbet and compote accompanied the cake, the tropical fruitiness complementing and balancing the savoriness of the cheeses. We adapted the recipe, adjusting the cheesecake formula just slightly and creating an easy guava sauce to take the place of the sorbet and compote. Saint André cheese is a widely available type of French triple crème and what we call for in this recipe. The rind from the cheese must be removed before use, so you’ll need to purchase about 1¼ pounds in order to obtain 1 pound, trimmed. To make the sauce, you will need guava nectar, which is sold in cans, aseptic packaging (like boxed broth) or refrigerated cartons (like orange juice); if you have a choice of pink or white guava nectar, the former will yield a more attractive sauce. Note that a nonstick springform pan with a dark finish requires a slightly lower oven temperature to compensate for the heat absorption properties of the pan. (We advise against using a springform with a lip or moat around the bottom intended for containing leaks; during testing, we found the unusual raised bottom of this type of pan to affect the browning of the crust and baking time for the filling in unpredictable ways.) Both the cheesecake and sauce can be made up to three days in advance.

16 to 20



Don’t begin making the cheesecake until the cheeses, eggs and cream are at room temperature. If the ingredients are cold, they won’t mix easily and the batter may wind up lumpy. However, it’s easiest to remove the rind from the soft, buttery Saint André cheese while it’s cold, so do the trimming before allowing it to come to room temperature.

1½ hours

30 minutes active, plus cooling

for the cheesecake

  • 5

    tablespoons (71 grams) salted butter, cut into 1-tablespoon pieces, cool room temperature, plus more for the pan


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Zarinna M.
June 19, 2022
Moist Cheesecake
The best cheesecake i have made!
Janet A.
September 5, 2023
Great Cheesecake!
Very rich and not too sweet. Really big hit!
Thom S.

Delicious! This was one of the best cheesecakes I've ever eaten. I did have to bake it about 10+ minutes longer to get the center to set at 400 degrees.

Bill O.

Sounds like a great recipe, but the Saint Andre cheese would cost me $30 at my local market

William D.

And that's even cheaper than on Amazon - about $35/lb so it'd be $52.50 for the cheesecake. Now that's rich!!!

Frank M.

I wonder if mascarpone could be substituted for the St. Andre cheese. Probably worth a shot.

Tami F.

Meh. Made exactly as written and spent a lot of $$$. It was OK but not as dense and creamy as a traditional NY style cheesecake. I’m not sure who determines what is ‘The World’s Best’ cheesecake, but this is not it. Save your money and stick with 100% Philly cream cheese and fewer eggs.

Tieres T.

I made it yesterday and just had it for dinner tonight. Delicious but I would reduce the amount of sugar in the crust. Actually I would reduce the amount of sugar in the guava sauce also. I dare to say that I would reduce the sugar everywhere.

Steve C.

I ate at Maximó last night and went to Google hoping to find a similar style recipe. Far and away the best cheesecake I’ve ever had. Joined Milk Street just for this recipe, hoping the results are similar.

Maura H.

Fantastic. Made exactly as recipe called for, other than you will need an additional 10 minutes in the oven if baking at 400 degrees. I used a vegetable peeler to remove the rind from the triple creme cheese. Remove the rind while the cheese is cold. The vegetable peeler removed the rind without wasting the expensive cheese below!