José Andrés Swims with Sharks | Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

Episode 320
July 5, 2019

José Andrés Swims with Sharks

José Andrés Swims with Sharks

This week, we chat with José Andrés about how he helped organize more than three million meals in Puerto Rico, why he would choose a pineapple over a steak, and what he would do if he ever got a day off. Plus, we talk military rations with YouTube star EmmyMade in Japan; we bake Chocolate Ginger Scones; and Dan Pashman delves into one of the workplace’s most divisive issues: office fridge theft.

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Questions in this Episode:

When I start cooking a piece of raw protein, my tongs are touching and turning that protein. By the time the piece is done, are my tongs contaminating the cooked protein with the raw that handled the piece a few minutes before? Should I change tongs? When?

I am allergic to cow's milk protein. I can tolerate heavy cream and butter. When making a carrot cake, can I substitute the cream cheese frosting for goat’s milk?

I've gotten really into making fresh pasta at home, and I'd like to make pasta using whole grain flours. I've tried a couple of different types but I haven't been very impressed with the texture, and I'd like to be able to make a whole grain pasta that's 100% whole grain flour, if possible. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions on whole grain flours to try or tips on how to adjust a basic pasta recipe to improve the texture when whole grain flour is in the mix?

I've been making yogurt in my crockpot for years and it came out perfect. When we came back from a vacation and I started it again with a new starter it came out slimy and the consistency of it has stayed slimy ever since. I need help!

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