The New NY Cheesecake! | Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

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Season 5, Episode 514
Dec 11, 2021

The New NY Cheesecake!

The New NY Cheesecake!

In this episode, we take a fresh look at dessert, from a new take on cheesecake to one of France’s easiest and most versatile loaf cakes. First, Christopher Kimball and Milk Street Cook Bianca Borges bake a show-stopping Chèvre Cheesecake with Black Pepper-Graham Crust, a recipe from Angie Mar at New York’s Beatrice Inn. Then, Milk Street Cook Erika Bruce whips up an easy Raspberry Mascarpone Freeform Tart. Finally, Milk Street Cook Josh Mamaclay makes Yogurt Loaf Cake with Coriander and Orange, demonstrating how citrus zest and toasted spices can add complexity to a simple cake.

Chevre Cheesecake Black Pepper Crust